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Bike repairs – To book please call: 07761-613819

Please see the table below for a list of repair prices. These are guide prices only because difficult, complex jobs will take longer (e.g. stripped threads, rounded hex bolts or seized components), easier jobs will be cheaper (e.g. kids bikes) and component choices can vary considerably depending on your requirements. We ALWAYS discuss this with you beforehand so you don’t get any unexpected surprises.

Wheel building is done by hand, using any combination of rim, spoke, hub and nipples. If it can be sourced we’ll build them into a wheel for you.

We are happy to fit parts that you have sourced from elsewhere. It’s kind of like BYOB! How many bike shops let you do that?!

Bike build (from bare frame to complete bike with new groupset, parts and wheels)Mountain bike£100
Road bike£100
Bike unboxing (for bikes delivered to customers own home)Unpacking, re-building & adjusting gears and brakes£45
Bottom bracket (excluding parts)Fitting£28
Retapping if required£9
Facing BB shell£19
Press Fit£15
Brakes (per brake excluding parts)RimFitting£17
Replace cable & adjust£11
Replace pads & adjust£11
Servicing – pair£20
HydraulicFitting & bleeding£22
Clean & service£15
Replace hose & bleed (external)£22
Replace hose & bleed (internal)£27
Replace pads£10
Rotor fitting£6
Freeing stuck pistons (from)£28
Cable discFitting£20
Replace cable£11
Replace pads£10
Clean & adjust£10
Rotor fitting£6
Chainset, Chain and Cassette (excluding parts)FittingChain£10
Chain & Cassette£15
Chainset, Chain & Cassette£30
CleaningDrive train clean and regrease£25
Full bike clean and chain regrease£45
Gears (per gear excluding parts)FittingReplace cable & adjust (external)£17
Replace cable & adjust (internal)£25
Replace mech & adjust£20
Rear hangerReplacement & adjust£15
Straighten & adjust£12
Gear shiftersFlat handlebars£17
STI & hydraulic (from)£38
Service – front & rear (does not include hanger straightening)£25
Headset (excluding parts)New Headset Fitting£25
Headset Service (replace bearings and pack with grease)Loose Bearings£17
Press Fit Bearings£15
Facing – to bare frame£15
Facing – to complete bike£40
Fork fitting (including cutting steerer tube to your requirements)£30
Parts fitBar tape/grips fittingDrop Handlebars£10
Flat Handlebars£6
HandlebarsDrop - Includes re fitting/taping (labour only)£20
Flat Handlebars£8
Wheels (per wheel excluding parts)Wheel build (spokes are extra)Old parts£35
New parts£30
Wheel trueTrue & tension£14
Spoke replacement – rear wheel£20
Spoke replacement – front wheel£17
Tubeless setup per tyre (only performed on tubeless compatible rims)Requiring tyre fit, rim strip, valve, sealant and labour£30
Requiring valve, sealant and labour£18
New wheel fit (wheel, tyre and tube extra)Standard hub£15
Internal Hub Gear£20
Wheels (Hubs) (per hub excluding parts)Service£25
Cone adjustment£9
Re-packing with grease£11
Freehub service£25
Cartridge bearing replacementFront£15
Nexus/Alfine/Rohloff Service£40
Wheels (Punctures) (including new tube and sealant which helps prevent punctures)Tube replacement with sealantStandard hub£12
Internal Hub Gear£13
Wheels (Tyres) (excluding parts)New tyre fittingStandard hub£7
Internal Hub Gear£10