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The following table compares my Bronze, Silver and Gold Service packages. If you require specific repairs on your bike instead of a Service that’s OK.

Bronze Silver Gold
New parts discount -5% -10% -15%
Bottom bracket - check
Bottom bracket - adjust
Bottom bracket - service including re-tap threads (if necessary)
Brakes - check and adjust
Brakes - replace and bleed hydraulic fluid
Brake Levers - service (if possible)
Cables - check brake and gear cables
Cables - replace mechanical brake and gear cables with genuine Shimano
Chain - lube
Clean bike and lubricate - Basic
Clean bike and lubricate - Comprehensive strip and rebuild
Derailleur hanger - check and adjust
Gears - check and adjust indexing
Gear Shifters - service (if possible)
Headset - check
Headset - adjust
Headset - service
Hubs - check
Hubs - adjust
Hubs - service (including freehub if serviceable)
Pedals - check
Pedals - adjust (if possible)
Pedals - service (if possible)
Tyres - check and inflate
Wheels and Rotors (if fitted) - true